When we started the MotherWorks movement, we were determined to make our online debut on Mother’s Day 2019. It mattered because we saw (and always will see) the MotherWorks website appearance as an historic moment in opening mothers’ access to resume-building, purpose-driven, soul-satisfying, and, yes, resource-enhancing employment. We couldn’t think of a better day to get started!

We achieved our Mothers Day launch we took a moment to celebrate–and then we got back to work. We have been working since that day–literally around the clock–to make MotherWorks better for you. We have polished the process to make the website easier to navigate. We have also added features that make it super simple for you to browse, sort, and search thousands of Fortune 500 job postings.

Next Steps: Employer Marketing

Another huge thing we are excited about is the kickoff of our marketing campaign targeted directly to employers with the message that our mothers are the skilled employees they are looking for. All employers have to do is change their thinking to focus on mothers’ available time rather than traditional work hours. When they do that mothers earn what they are worth and employers pay only for focused, efficient time on the job.

We have also added employer job posting functionality that makes MotherWorks one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways for employers to post jobs. And we know it’s the best way to find the most talented people out there. In addition, we are actively pursuing greater numbers of local employers. This means you will continue to see expanding access to small, medium, and large company jobs.

Our Challenge: And Yours

This isn’t just some run-of-the-mill, garden variety job site. We are here to become the place where mothers finally gain the access they have been missing to meaningful work that fits their lives. So, mothers, we have to gather in large enough numbers for employers to truly take notice of us–we have to create momentum that keeps building. When we do that, the employers will knock down our doors to find us.

At the same time, we know we need to offer more and better jobs to help the movement come alive. That’s the main reason behind our new marketing campaign. We are working as hard as we possibly can to create a synergy between mothers joining and employers posting that will become self-sustaining, history-making, and, most important, life-changing for mothers and their families.

To All Mothers and Those Who Have Them

The mission of MotherWorks is to open access to employment to allow more and more mothers to choose for themselves how they make a living in ways that work with raising a family. This affects all of us now, and also those to follow. If you see the possibilities and the potential for better employment access, please consider joining the MotherWorks movement whether you are currently searching for a job or not. If you are currently searching for a job, what are you waiting for? Visit Mother-works.com, create an account, and build or post your resume. Don’t forget your I-Choose profile where you can show your available hours!